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twitter It is one of the most widely used social media sites with an estimated 320 million monthly active users. With such a large potential audience, it makes sense for it to become a highly sought after marketing channel for brands and companies as well.

However, Twitter marketing is more complicated than just posting a few tweets and waiting for a retweet.

Before your brand can take off on Twitter, many factors need to be considered, including how effectively you use hashtags, when to tweet, how you engage with influencers, and what sets your business apart from everyone else sharing similar content. from Twitter?

Twitter allows a message that respects the customer’s time, provides immediate product or service availability, and helps build brand identity through short but simple content.

This is the type of invaluable communication and unlimited feedback that the business community greatly values ​​and respects (at least by those who know how to listen to the voice of the customer).

You will be in the ideal position to watch

  1. If you had instant access to their ideas and attitudes, who would your consumers be?
  2. The rationale behind these customers’ decision to use or consume your good or service.
  3. What features of your product or service do your customers like and what do they dislike?
  4. How changes in your offers are received by your customers (or those of your competitors).
  5. The potential impact of your customers on persuading or deterring others to buy your products

Long-standing business principles state that effective marketing entails creating a product or message, creating a need in the buyer’s mind, and then prompting a response by encouraging the buyer to take action, such as visiting a place, purchasing a product, or recommending it. a company to a friend. Let’s see how we can improve Twitter marketing strategies.

1. Listen and optimize the timing of your tweets

People tweet about things they do, encounter, read and think. The site has been described as a responsive machine. A goldmine of ideas, emotions and conversations. Twitter’s search feature lets us see what people are discussing about your brand, topics or keywords in real time.

Twitter Search also includes trending topics to help us listen to the latest trends.

The four most important things to look for

  1. Your name.
  2. Your Twitter account name
  3. Your company, brand or product
  4. Your competitors.

Timing is very important on Twitter. Tweets usually become visible shortly after posting. If you want to increase engagement on your tweets, you need to know the ideal time to post.

What makes you so sure of time? Well, you can start by analyzing the situation logically. What time are your followers most likely to check their Twitter feed? Timing is crucial to optimizing your marketing reach. Twitter owns the Twitter management tool Tweetdeck ( From here you can schedule Tweets and follow your Twitter feed.

2. Speak towards perfection and learn your TMO (Twitter Marketing Goals)

A few great followers are worth more than a bunch of uninterested people. However, Quality Followers, i.e. people who care enough to follow on their own, are more valuable than lots of random followers. Quality Followers can be earned by:

  1. be interesting
  2. be talkative
  3. Following Relevant Persons.

It’s important to tweet or post updates at least a few times a week or perhaps a few times a day. This helps build relationships with external customers to maintain a positive reputation on the Twitterverse and generate more leads.

Fly: If you run a local business and are looking for customers, it’s helpful to find people nearby with questions you can answer using Twitter’s advanced search.

You have to decide what you want your Twitter marketing campaign to achieve. Here are a few examples of the various goals you may need to achieve with your Twitter marketing efforts:

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Maximize customer revenue
  • Increase commercial sales
  • Interaction with customers and future customers
  • Gaining more Twitter followers
  • Develop and expand the brand

Timing and specificity are crucial to Twitter Marketing. If you want to gain more followers, it should be clear that you want to do this at a certain rate per month. As a result, by creating specific benchmarks for goals in your Twitter Marketing Goals, you can track your progress or setbacks and review your Twitter Marketing Strategy as needed.

3. Share Information and Ideas – A Picture Speaks

Twitter is a great platform for exchanging information and concepts. Generally speaking, communication can be difficult when there are only a few messaging options.

To provide interesting information, gain clarity, and make the most of Twitter’s space limitations, we need to examine some of the cleverest strategies individuals have discovered.

Besides helping other people find great things and the latest developments, there is a good self-interested reason to connect freely. When messages are well-defined and contain great links, they are more likely to be retweeted. As a result, your professional reputation may also increase.

Another way is to link to your blog or site in an attractive way. The key to generating clicks is to write a catchy little introduction to the post or page you’re linking to. Think of it as a headline made for your Twitter audience and remember that just posting a post won’t help. Instead of posting a link, contextualize it for your followers.

Include videos and photos in your Twitter marketing plan One study found that tweets with photos or videos get six times more engagement than tweets with plain text.

4. Post mostly NOT about your business and harness the power of Integration

If you have a popular brand that many people already appreciate, you can largely avoid posting about your own work because they already love you and want to know more about you. If you’re an unknown figure to most people, have a spotty reputation, or simply want to advance your Twitter relationships, consider Twitter as a platform for fascinating mutual exchange of information. For this reason, try to share external links, resources and advice that will interest your followers rather than too much information about your business.

If you have a web-based product or service, you can integrate Twitter directly into your website because Twitter provides an API (an API is a data service for those of you who aren’t savvy). Businesses with the integration claim that people who use Twitter’s features are often their most ardent supporters.

Of course, the Twitter API can also be used to create standalone services; An example of this is StockTwits (, which converts twitter stock symbols into visual representation links that lead to live lists of all comments made about that job.

If you have determined that you need to communicate with Twitter as if you were a user, you should use the Twitter REST API. This is a much-loved choice used by many third-party apps, including Twitterrific and Twhirl. With this API you can basically perform the following activities:

  • Access the timeline for everyone
  • Access your friends’ timeline
  • renew your status
  • Create new direct messages to send
  • Observe other users
  • Disable other users

And the Twitter API makes practically any other activity you can perform through the Twitter website available.

You can also send Twitter search requests using a different API. These APIs are different, as the search engine Twitter uses was originally developed by the aforementioned third-party Summize. Twitter is combining these two APIs as REST-ful APIs soon to make them more similar. The search API can be used to find tweets that refer to a specific person, contain a specific term, come from a specific user, contain a specific hashtag, or from a specific user (the topic you’re considering). By specifying a radius around a specific longitude and latitude, you can even identify that your results come from a specific geographic area.

Twitter, though by far the most successful, is only one of the microblogging services available on the Web and is part of the social media phenomenon that has revolutionized the Internet and publishing world.

Realizing the potential of Twitter and other social media platforms requires understanding how anyone with a computer and internet access can now communicate with millions of people around the world. Just as you have the power to broadcast, you also have the power to benefit from these broadcasts.


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